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Bon Voyage

Our morning began by ready Psalm 8 and asking God to guide us on our adventure upon the sea. After a 30 minute walk from our hotel to the Pacific Grace, we boarded the ship and went through a few hours of safety training and preparing to sail. Around 1:30pm we left the dock and sailed under the bascule bridge through the inner harbour and then into the Haro Strait as we sailed towards Provost Island. Our sail began with some choppy waters, but ended up being fairly calm. In fact, just as we were about to set the sails, we had to stop as the wind completely died down. We learned how to tie 6 different knots as the first training lesson began. About half way through our sail, we saw a whale off the port side of the boat. We enjoyed two delicious, made from scratch meals by our cook, Carey. By 6:30 pm, we were anchored in a cove at Provost Island. 

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