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Dory Adventures

After a rainy night, we awoke to a fairly calm, cool, sunny morning. After morning chores, breakfast and quiet time; the students had a lesson on the parts of the boat along with all of the sails. Partway through the morning, the wind picked up, yet it remained sunny most of the day. After lunch, we launched the dories and rowed to shore. The dories are always an adventure unto themselves. Onshore, we hiked for an hour to a lookout on Pender Island that had an amazing view. Once back to the boat, we weighed the anchor and sailed around the southern tip of Pender Island and have now anchored on the east side of Pender in Port Browning. It is still quite windy and cool so we are all hunkered down in the hold and focsle playing games and hanging out while Port Watch cleans the dishes. Soon we will begin mug up and then off to bed. Everyone is doing well.


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