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Triathlon Results

Here's to our amazing TCS triathletes!!  It was an amazing day and we are so very proud of each and every one!!  Way to go you guys. Hard work pays off!!




Matthew S.          Time-1:14:13
Jonah B.              Time-1:25.42
Max. H                 Time- 1:34.41
Eli B.                    Time- 1:35.57
Michael Z.            Time-1:36:24
Micah L.               Time- 1:46.15
Zachary K.           Time -1:48.32



Janelle W.            Time- 1:24.41
Jillian H                Time- 1:26.27
Amber S.              Time- 1:27.40
Chelsea M.           Time- 1:32.36
Ayla C.                  Time- 1:35.20
Jemma D.             Time- 1:44.10
Sawyer C.             Time- 1:51.09


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