WING Award

Trinity Athletics is excited to announce the launch of our new JH initiative... the WING Award! This is a monthly award that is presented to two Eagles who display integrity and grit in all that they do! Each recipient will have their photo and a writeup displayed in the trophy case as well as they will be given a shirt that they can keep! 

The WING Award was created in loving memory of Coach Corey Janssen who selflessly served our Eagle Athletics Program. Corey was a shining example of what it meant to live "with integrity and grit" and we hope to honour his legacy through the intentionality of this award. Rest easy friend, we miss you!

Read the descriptions of our recipients below. Come back here monthly or check the trophy case to read about our new recipients. 



October 2022: Mya is a fierce competitor and always desires to do her best! She is a strong leader on our grade 8 volleyball team; she swings big, serves big, and comes up with big digs! Her coaches appreciate her determination and the intensity she brings to the team. Despite some nagging injuries, Mya always shows up for herself and her team and brings her A game.

Mya, thank you for always playing with integrity and grit!


October 2022: We are thrilled to give this award to Jayden this month. 

Jayden is a consistent force of positivity, leadership, encouragement, and hard work. He never shies away from opportunities to encourage those around him in PE, options, or on his volleyball team. Regardless of grade, Jayden proudly embraces the responsibility of being a leader to his peers. What is most commendable about Jayden, is his unwavering and unashamed faith that he uses to perform at the best of his ability in all areas of athletics. 

Jayden, thank you for always playing with integrity and grit!