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Messages from Pastor Tim

We are blessed every day at TCS to have Pastor Tim share with us inspiring messages, provide guidance and comfort us with prayer.  Pastor Tim has truly enjoyed connecting face to face with our students and staff.  Although Pastor Tim would prefer to connect with the rest of our community in person, for now, he has been using the gift of technology and has been sending messages through videos.  Have you seen them?  If not, you can view previous Messages from Pastor Tim on Instagram (in the posts and in our IGTV channel) as well as in the previous blog post, Message from Pastor Tim.

In today's video, as we near the end of the school year, Pastor Tim reflects on times when he is unsure about something (as we all face from time to time).  During these times, he rests in knowing one important truth, God is faithful and will always provide us with what we need.  Click here to listen to Pastor Tim’s message. 



Message from Pastor Tim

To view video messages from Pastor Tim go to Instagram and search in our news feed and on our IGTV channel.

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