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8th Annual (Virtual) Lego Contest

Wow! Mrs. Heinrichs and Mr. Holder had SUCH FUN judging the entries for this year's somewhat unusual Lego Contest. THANK YOU to everyone who entered! There were 45 entries this year. We really did enjoy looking at each of your creations and would love to be able to make comments about each one, but time and space do not allow for that.

In previous years the participants were judged on their creations based on a book they were reading.  This year there were no limitations! (But lots of preparation and high expectations!)  In other words...the theme is wide open this year! :)  And the participants did not disappoint!  Not only were there so many different types of creations, they was obviously a lot of hard work put into them.

Congratulations to ALL of our participants on a job well done.  Make sure you take the time to look at all the entries. CLICK HERE. 

As always it is a very difficult task to  decide the winners. Mrs. Heinrichs and Mr. Holder decided to award 8 winners over all the categories. Each winner will receive an ice cream gift card. Please pick up your gift card at the front office.

You will notice some entries are also marked "Honourable Mention," but truly, you all did a great job!

Again, thank you, everyone, for participating, and do keep creating! See you again next year. :)

List of Winners:

  • Clayton V. - Gr. 1
  • Josiah V. - Gr. 2
  • Jacqui B. - Gr. 3
  • Annella B. - Gr. 5
  • Joseph S. - Gr. 6
  • Ella & Calia H. - Gr. 5 and Gr. 3
  • Mark & Daniel B. - K and Gr. 4
  • Nathan B. (Gr. 3) & his older brother, Ryder
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