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A Successful Volleyball Season at TCS!

At Trinity Christian School each of our six volleyball teams successfully made it into their division final medal games.   We are very proud of their successes – congrats to all our teams and their coaches!  What made this season so great were not just our team victories at the end of the year, but how they got there.   They each displayed passion for the game, strong team work, perseverance and a desire to do their best for God.   Their levels of skill improved greatly over the season and they are eager and ready for next year! 

  • Grade 9 Boys: ISAA 3J Gold Banner and South Central Zones Banner
  • Grade 9 Girls: ISAA 3J Bronze
  • Grade 8 Boys:  ISAA 3J Silver
  • Grade 8 Girls:  ISAA 2J Gold
  • Grade 7 Boys:  ISAA 4th
  • Grade 7 Girls:  ISAA Gold

Please go to our Athletics Page to get more details and pictures for each team.

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