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Becoming Experts in Weather Systems

In grade 5 science, students are wrapping up their weather unit.  Students were able to select a type of extreme weather and become experts!

The extreme weather systems they focused on were tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis and thunderstorms.

They became experts by:

  • focusing on one extreme weather condition
    • researching 6 different driving questions about that extreme weather.   
    • created a 3D depiction of that extreme weather which included their research answers.   
  • learning about the other conditions from each other

Once the students had become experts in their extreme weather type and created their 3D model, they were given the opportunity to share their own projects and explore the other weather types completed by their classmates.  Last week each project was displayed in the gym.  Each group visited other students' models and took notes on the information found there.   

The final task was to compile the research that other students had done into their own notes so that they could now become experts in all forms of extreme weather.  Great job everyone!

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