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Blessed by Pre-Service Teachers

We are very blessed at TCS with 6 pre-service teachers over the next four months.  Our fantastic teachers/EAs are excited to share one of the greatest gifts they can give to new teachers - the gift of time, mentoring and relationships.   

  • Grade 1K - Ashleigh Barclay (Ambrose 2nd year - continued)
  • Grade 1M - Noah Jerome Smith (Ambrose)
  • Grade 4 -  Hailey Hinton (U of L)
  • Grade 5 -  Tristan Gillespie (Ambrose)
  • Grade 6 -  Makenna Mendes (Ambrose)
  • Grade 7 -  Hannah Armstrong  (Ambrose)

Each of our pre-service teachers are looking forward to starting their teaching journey with Trinity Christian School and engaging with all the students and staff here! Please give them a warm welcome!

Ashleigh Barclay: 1K Ashleigh originally started with TCS in September and is back again.
I grew up in Red Deer, Alberta with three younger siblings and attended Gateway Christian School. For university I successfully completed a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary. During that time I worked as a companion for seniors with dementia and volunteered at a dance studio for children with special needs where I discovered my passion for working with children! I am currently in my last year of a Bachelor of Education degree at Ambrose University. I am excited to work with Cindy Kamphuis and Jen Muncton in Grade 1 for my final practicum before becoming an elementary teacher! 

Noah Jerome Smith: 1M.
Before going to Ambrose, I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology from the University of Calgary. I worked at the Mount Royal University in their summer camps there for 2 years. For fun I played football and rugby and coached 6–8-year olds in football for many years. I am very much looking forward to starting my teaching journey with Trinity Christian School and all the students and staff here!

Hailey Hinton: Grade 4
I am an intern teacher from the University of Lethbridge, where I also serve as the Vice President External of the Education Undergraduate Society! I am a 5th year student working towards both my Bachelor of Education and Science undergraduate degrees. In the past couple of years, I have had experience teaching grade one as well as biology 20 as a pre-service teacher. Additionally, I have taught STEM camps to elementary aged students at the U of L, praise dance classes at my church, and completed a three-year leadership, training, and discipleship program at Gull Lake Centre camp. Teaching and ministering to children is a deep passion of mine, and I am so excited to see what God has in store for my time at TCS. 

Tristan Gillespie: Grade 5
In May 2020 I completed a Bachelor of Arts in General Humanities (English, Philosophy, Cinema) at the University of Lethbridge. In 2018 I began volunteering as a leader in Lethbridge’s Westside Community Church’s Children's Ministry and assumed a summer internship position in 2019 at the Church where I acted as an assistant to the Director of Children’s Ministry. These experiences reinforced my passion for working with students. I am so excited to begin my teaching journey with the students and staff of Trinity Christian School!

Makenna Mendes: Grade 6
I am another pre-service teacher from Ambrose University! I graduated from Ambrose last year with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Behavioural Sciences. I have had many different experiences with children from nannying, coaching, to youth and children ministry at my church. I have also completed another practicum at Menno Simons where I have also coached their senior girls basketball teams for many years now. I look forward to learning and engaging from students and teachers here at Trinity in which I have already felt so welcomed by.

Hannah Armstrong: Grade 7.
I am a pre-service teacher from Ambrose University! I have an undergraduate degree in Behavioural Sciences also from Ambrose. I have worked as a nanny for a kindergarten and grade 5 student, worked as a cabin leader at Eagle Bay Camp for 3 years, and have also done a practicum at Glamorgan Community Kindergarten. I am very much looking forward to engaging with students at Trinity and beginning my teaching journey with you all.


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