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Celebrating Stan!

On Friday, May 29th we had the opportunity to host an evening of Celebration to honour Stan Hielema who was a Principal at TCS for 20 years.  We were able to give thanks for his unconditional love for our school for the past 20 years as well as bless him on his new position as Associate Superintendent with Palliser Regional Schools.  Over 300 people attended bringing together current and alumni parents, staff and students all in one place.  It was like a mini reunion - thanks to Stan.  The evening was hosted by two of our alumni Benjamin Phillips (04) & Cameron Johnston(04).  The night was filled with stories and blessing from so many of individuals who have helped Stan on his journey as a teacher, Principal and now Associate Superintendent Paul Verhoeff, Devin Shiskowski, Elco Vandergrift, Lynda Hoffman, Tina Siebenga, Carla Berg, Danton Lalonde & Michelle Duimel.  Thank you to all of our TCS community who helped make this a special evening for Stan.  Stan - you will be missed! 

Please check out some of the photos from the evening.  We would like to send out the "photo booth" photos but did not get everyone's email.  Please send us your email and we will send you your photo. Please email us at  Thanks.

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