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Congratulations on a Successful Coupon Book Fundraiser!

A big thank you to all the students and families who sold over $30,000 worth of coupon books.  WOW!  That is awesome!  The net earnings will be announced in the November Messenger.  Also a big thank you to Michelle Prather and her team for coordinating the fundraiser.

Today we celebrated our success with sharing prizes with the children.

Top salespeople were:

  1. Jesse C
  2. Jayden D
  3. Kyle D
  4. Carissa G
  5. Elyanna B
  6. Meike B
  7. Jared H
  8. Jill B
  9. Grace B
  10. Graysen U
  11. McKenna P
  12. Paige V
  13. Joshua T
  14. Hana K
  15. Micaiah C
  16. Courtney T

Winners of the draws:

iPad Mini 32 GB won by Carissa G

$100 Cash won by Joshua W

$10 Gift Cards won by

  • Ava W
  • David T
  • Evan H
  • Andre H
  • Charlie H

Coupon Book Assembly

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