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Congratulations to our Staff in their New Roles

Congratulations to some of our staff on accepting new roles this year.  We wish all of you a successful transition and a wonderful year.

Miss Dykshoorn - Vice Principal Elementary, Music and ELL Support
(1st photo)
Miss Dykshoorn has been a teacher at TCS since 2008. Throughout that time she has taught grades 5 through 9, been the Christian Curriculum Coordinator, and last year became the Elementary Vice-Principal. This year her teaching role has changed a bit - she will be teaching Kindergarten and Grade 1 Music! In addition, she will be working with our English Language Learners throughout this school year.

Mrs. Brown - Grade 3, Learning Support Teacher & Literacy Support
(2nd photo)
Mrs. Brown will continue teaching grade 3 this fall with some additional teaching rolesShe will work in small groups in Literacy Support, building early reading skills with students. Having recently completed a Master of Arts in Educational Studies in Special Education at Trinity Western University, she will also work alongside Mrs. Stasko as a Learning Support Teacher. 

Krista Barkey - Elementary PE
(3rd photo)
Mrs. Barkey has been on staff at TCS since 2018 as a homeroom teacher in Grade 4, and previous to that as a substitute teacher since 2012. She is excited to take on the elementary PE position for students from Kindergarten to Grade 4.

Miss Wilks - Grade 5 Teacher
(4th photo)
Miss Wilks joined us two years ago as a student teacher from Ambrose University. Last year she filled a Literacy Intervention role, as well as working in fifth grade. This year Miss Wilks has stepped into another new role; having her own fifth grade classroom!

Mrs. Victoria (Vee) Scanks - Discipleship Team
(5th photo)
Ms. Vee has been at TCS as an educational assistant working with grade nine since 2020. She recently has had the opportunity to move to the Discipleship Team to focus on working with students on their spiritual growth. Her passions are for theology, pop culture, story telling in any format, and giving space to talk about challenging subjects. She is looking forward to working with junior high students in the Confronting Cultures option this year, as well as hanging out on retreats and in the junior high hallways!







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