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Foto Frenzy Photos

On our last day of school our families had an awesome time completing in our Foto Frenzy challenges.

There were 12 challenges!  No small feat.  Families worked together to finish the challenges using creativity and teamwork blended with a ton of fun and laughs.  Even if you did not participate check out the photos they will definitely bring a smile to your face and perhaps encourage you to participate next time.

The top three families won a gift card from Dairy Queen:

  • Hooff family
  • Michie family
  • Philpott family

More photos for the different challenges will be updated over the next few weeks!  So remember to come back and see the next set of photos...

Click on the links to view the photos.  Please note only photos were used.  Video can not be uploaded to this platform.

Challenge 1: Eat an Entire Can or Bottle of Something from your Fridge/Pantry

Challenge 2: Funny Hairdo's

Challenge 3: Recreate an Old Family Photo

Challenge 4: Find 7 Items to Spell TRINITY

Challenge 5: Build a Trap to Catch a Mystical Creature

Challenge 6: Write a Limerick to a Teacher

Challenge 7:  Solve an Anagram

Challenge 8: Re-create a Scene from a Favourite Fairytale

Challenge 9:  Blanket Tent

Challenge 10: Sing "O Canada" at your Front Door at the Top of Your Lungs

Challenge 11: Create a Travel Destination "Still-Life" Holiday Scene

Challenge 12: Mummy Wrap Your Family



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