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Grade 7 Final Project: Scooter Olympics Race Challenge

Our Grade 7 Scooter Olympics Race Challenge encourages students to think beyond the textbook and use all that they have learned this year in a cumulative iterative design project. 

The future is waiting!!!  At TCS teachers strive to prepare our students for the future.  How do we prepare students to be innovative, critical thinkers, collaborators and demonstrate capacities that make them employable in a world that is constantly changing.

For this, we need problem solvers!

As their final assessment, we challenged our grade 7s to find authentic ways to demonstrate their learning from this year in their four core subjects while exemplifying the 8 Alberta Learning Core Competencies. 

Students worked in groups to complete 4 challenges which concluded with them racing a scooter of choice and trying to get the win.

  • Create a country that your team would represent in the TCS Scooter Olympics.
  • Create 40 questions from the four core courses to be asked on each lap of the race.
  • Devise a race Strategic Plan prior to the race that would guide their team to victory. On race day, student executed their plan along with tracking 5 statistical criteria they had to track during the race.
  • Finally, students had to analyze their Strategic Plan and their statistical data to create a Sports Analysis News Video on Flipgrid. This video should demonstrate the 8 Alberta Learning Core Competencies. Moreover, using real-world problem-solving leads to rich, deep experiential learning.  

Students then assessed their work and discussed what went well and what they could improve on if they were to do this challenge again.

The Grade 7's had great fun participating in and completing their final project of the year! If only every school project could be this much fun!

Such a fun day!




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