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Grandparents Tea

We were so blessed yesterday with so many Grandparents and special friends at our tea yesterday. We LOVE Grandparents Tea!

Our extended families are very important to the helping our students become the best they can be for God's glory.  Like Mr. Humphries mentioned, we believe at TCS we are one leg of a three legged stool to help support our student.  The other two legs are the Christian church and home.  Our grandparents have the wonderful role of passing down from generation to generation their culture, a sense of their own past, their wisdom, and most of all their love.  And it was obvious yesterday our grandparents do just that!  Thank you so much for warming up our school yesterday.  We look forward to seeing you next year.

A big thank you to our grade 9's, parent volunteers and students who performed (grade 1 and Jonah N.).  You all made it a rememberable occasion.

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