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Mr. Hielema's Farewell


March 20, 2015 marked a very important day for Trinity Christian School.  Mr. Hielema, our principal, mentor, teacher, coach and just all around good person celebrated his last day after 20 years.  We had the opportunity during this last week of clearly express to him how much he has meant to us.  


Please take the time to enjoy photos from our Farewell Celebrations for Mr. Hielema.  There are three galleries below:

  • Classroom visits - more classes to be added after the spring break
  • Assembly 
  • Staff "Waterfall" Prank - also see the video on facebook @

Mr. Hielema will still be involved at TCS as a parent and in his new capacity as Associate Superintendent (Education Services) for Palliser Regional Schools.  Ms. Duimel, was appointed our new Principal effective immediately.  Please congratulate both on their new positions.

Mr. Hielema's Farewell - Staff "Waterfall" Prank

Mr. Hielema is not only a great Principal he enjoys a prank or two.  TCS staff was able to suprise Mr. Hielema with their own final, and well executed, prank....

Thanks to the Junior High students and for Mr. Hielema for being goods sports.

Mr. Hielema's Farewell: Assembly

The entire school honoured Mr. Hielema by wearing his favourite colour - ORANGE.  Mr. Hielema was joined by his lovely wife, Monica.  The celebration included songs led by our worship band, words of praise, a gift of original art by one of our own students and prayer.  Mr. Hielema was presented with his own cross necklace.  It is tradition all graduating students receive a cross necklace from TCS.  In this case, it was Mr. Hielema's turn.

Mr. Hielema's Farewell: Classroom Visits

Mr. Hielema had the opportunity to visit all the classrooms in the last week of being principal.  It meant alot to him to be able to say goodbye to all the students.  Each classroom took the time to show Mr. Hielema how much he meant to him - each in their own way.  

Enjoy the photos from his classroom visits.  Please note there are some classroom visit photos still to come.  So if you do not see your classroom yet they will be posted the first week back to school after the break.

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