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NO Wingate Parking Tuesday or Wednesday this Week

We wanted to make you aware of a two day change in our parking pick-up.  Please read carefully the following:

The Wingate is having their annual parking lot ‘clean up’ and consequently we may not make use of their parking lot on Tuesday, April 21 and Wednesday, April 22.  The following plan along with the attached visual will be the way to pick your child(ren) up from school on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

  • Approach from the south, no left turns from the north.  Please abide by this rule so our surrounding businesses can still use the roadway.
  • Enter the pick-up line from the south entrance and form two lines (there will be no cars parked along the playground fence), always leaving the centre lane open.
  • All children will be waiting on the sidewalk, and must use either the north or the south crosswalk to cross the pick-up line to their parent’s vehicle.
  • Cars wanting to exit after pick-up may leave the pick-up lane by using the centre lane to exit.
  • Exit at the north – no left turns onto the road.
  • Remember on exit that you are entering a school zone (30 km/h) Please be courteous to all pedestrians.
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