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Please Welcome our New Staff!

We are very excited to welcome, four new staff members and a student teacher into our Trinity family. Please take the time to say hello when you see them next week.

Lesley Wenzel, Vice Principal Junior High

Lesley comes to us with over 20 years of experience as a teacher. Lesley believes that her best role as a teacher is to bring out a child’s understanding of his or her own identity as a learner and innovator. She is excited about her new adventure at Trinity;  she is most excited about working in a faith community with strong leadership and a passion for meeting diverse student needs in a way that promotes student’s God given gifts and talents.  Please see our previous blog post to learn more about Mrs. Wenzel.



Maria Collins, Grade 8/9 Math Teacher 

Ms. Collins is beyond excited to join Trinity. Ms. Collins is our first alumni to become a full time teacher at TCS!  How exciting! Another fun fact is Mrs. Lake, our T/Th Kindergarten teacher, taught Maria in Junior High.  For the past 6 years she been teaching Junior High Math and Science at Unity Christian School in Chilliwack.   Please check out our previous blog post to learn more about Ms. Collins.




Lynn Kielstra - Educational Assistant

Lynn is joining the Trinity team this year as a full-time EA.  Lynn not only has three children who attend TCS but she is also very involved in the school including KAC Chairperson, Auction Chairperson, basketball coach and most recently a member on our Society Board. Her favourite part about TCS is watching the children praise God in chapels, classrooms, and interactions with each other. Christian Education is a strong passion of hers. She will be joining the grade 5 team and is very excited to get to know all the students!


Kelly Bakker - Educational Assistant

Kelly Bakker is joining the Trinity team this year as a part-time EA, after subbing in the Jr High and kindergarten classes throughout last school year. She is married and has three girls. She loves cupcakes, always plans to run tomorrow, and enjoys a good GIF. She will be joining Mr. Holder's grade three class and is very excited to get to know all the students!


Ben Wood - Student Teacher 

Ben is pre-service teacher from Ambrose University, and will be working with Ms. Snell this year. Ben already has some experience in Grade 5 and looks forward to using his experience and improving his craft this year.  Please click here to learn more about Ben. 




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