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Welcome Pastor Tim McAlpine

We are pleased to officially welcome, Tim McAlpine, as our first Discipleship Pastor here at TCS starting today. Tim will support our students’ journey in their faith, as well as staff and parents as they provide biblical and spiritual guidance for preparing our youth for an ever-changing world. 

We had fun welcoming Pastor Tim today.  Not only did many of the staff and students wear the gear from his favourite team, Calgary Flames, they also decorated his office with balloons and notes of encouragement from our Junior High students.  During his visits to the elementary classes Pastor Tim answered their questions letting them know he will be at the school everyday and that they will see him while they are coming in at the beginning of the day, on the playground and, of course, for chapels and devotions. 

Some fun facts about Pastor Tim:

  • Birthplace: Regina, SK (Regina General Hospital)
  • Married to Ariane
  • Dad to Adelyn, Tobin and Livie
  • First Car: 1982 Ford EXP - paid $600 and it lasted all of our year
  • Favorite Sports Teams:
    NHL - Calgary Flames
    NFL - Arizona Cardinals
    CFL - Saskatchewan Roughriders
    MLB - Toronto Blue Jays
  • I currently still have a plate and screws in my left ankle from an unfortunate incident where I jumped off a balcony, into what I thought was a snow bank. It was not snow. It was ice.
  • Favorite Band: Caleb Delamont and New Found Glory (I have always been a sucker for pop punk)
  • Favorite Hot Drink: Half Sweet, White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks
  • Favorite Movie (s): Usual Suspects, Anchorman and Blindside
  • Favorite Snack: Nachos
  • Favorite Place: Camp Chamisall (google it)
  • Favorite Speaker: John Piper or Matt Chandler
  • Favorite Running Distance: From the couch to the fridge
  • Favorite Restaurant: Ceasers Steak House
  • Favorite Sport: Hockey (to watch)
  • Favorite Sports (that I can still play): Hockey, golf, volleyball and basketball
  • Favorite Hymn: In Christ Alone 

 Please join us in praying for the McAlpine family as Tim joins our team. 



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