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S.A.L.T.S. Day 5

We awoke to a calm overcast morning which was perfect for another plunge into the ocean. Some brave students once again donned their swim gear and had great fun jumping off the side of the boat or the bowsprit. Vanessa, one of our watch officers, did a back flip off the bowsprit. It was a lot of fun to cheer on our fellow sailors. After we weighed anchor, we set off in the Stait of Juan de Fuca.  Taylor, our first mate, cooked up a delicious prawn treat for us all to enjoy which included some butter, garlic and paprika. We once again set the sails and spent a few hours sailing in the sunshine before it was time to pack up, say goodbye, and disembark the Pacific Grace. We had an hour to walk along the breakwater in Victoria to regain our land legs before heading to the airport. We are all thankful for this adventure and look forward to sharing many stories with our families and friends in the coming days. One of the songs we would sing for grace on the boat was:

Thank you for laughter and clear waters.
Thank you for friends sailing on the sea.
Thank you that I may know Your love will always be with me.




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