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Celebrating 100's Day!


On Friday, February 18, students in grades 1-3 celebrated the 100th day of school. Students wore their 100 crowns, clothing they decorated with the theme 100 (and some in pink to also celebrate Pink Day), while participating in the following 100s Day themed activities:

  • Race to 100: rolled a dice, and raced to see who could roll to 100 first.
  • Froot Loop Necklaces: counted 100 Froot Loops, and threaded onto a necklace string.
  • 100 Caring Cards: students coloured and created cards to bless Calgary health care workers.
  • Story Time: Mrs. Duimel joined the classes on Google Meet to read The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be during snack time.
  • BINGO: all students joined together on Google Meet and played a fun game of 100s BINGO.
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