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TCS Pet Show

WOW!  For our 1st Pet Show we had so many entries.  It was so fun to see all your cute pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, degus, fish, hedgehog and guinea pigs. We know everyone of your pets have been a source of comfort over the past few months.  With that in mind, we decided "everyone is a winner" and awarded each of your cute pets with their own special prize title.  Check them out below.


Have you heard of the book, Sesame Street Pet Show?   Check it out here.


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Pet Show

Prize for Sitting Pretty - Cat (Armstrong: Murphy & Max)
Best for Longest Whiskers (Vickers: Beans)
Prize for Looking Most Like Your Name (Vickers: Shadow)
Prize for Best Pandemic Name (Heppner: Cora Virus)
Prize for Longest Pandemic Name (Heppner: Quarantina)
Prize for Most Active Cat (Heppner: Ali Piper)
Prize for Best Stampede Outfit (Minhas: Ginger)
Prize for Longest Ears (MacDougall: Mavi)
Prize for Tallest Ear (Nickerson: Baxter)
Prize for Best Curly Hair Do (McCausland: Ozzie)
Prize for Most Photogenic Dog (Fode: Mylo)
Prize for Being a Best Friend (Vandenberg: Bella)
Prize for the Future Biggest Dog - 200 lbs ( Philpotte: Murphy)
Prize for Most Outdoorsy (McLean: Zee Zee)
Prize for Having the Most Friends (Collins: Murphy)
Prize for Having the Most Silky Fur (Friedel: Leon)
Prize for Most Mischievous (Harder: Fergus) 
Prize for Looking Like a Zen Garden Sculpture (Harder: Gibson)
Prize for the Most Innocent Face (Hasselman: Penny)
Prize for the Best Hide and Seek Player (Cassidy: Magnum)
Prize for Encouraging Your Friends to Wear Masks (Bouma: Lucy)
Prize for Best Swimmers (Stobbart: Orange Crush, Dorothy, Tiger & Bubbles)
Prize for Best Fur Coat (Slavich: Mika)
Prize for Best Family Portrait (Knafla: Willow, Waffle & Mala)
Prize for the Largest Lap Dog (Vander Veen: Fenway)
Prize for the Coolest Cats (Vander Ploeg: Taz, Felix & Ziggy)
Prize for Best Sense of Humour (Cornelsen: Bruce)
Prize for Being Named After a Far Away City (Vanderputten: London)
Prize for Most Relaxed (Martin: Koda)
Prize for Best Poser (Martin: Callie_
Prize for Most Sophisticated (Martin: Callie)
Prize for the Quietest Pet: (Kowalski: Fuzzburt)
Prize for the Being our First Cute Therapy Dog at TCS (Vriend: Bo)
Prize for Quirkiest Couple (Havinga: Sadie & Gunner)
Prize for the Mystery "No Name" Pet (Berezowski: no name given)
Prize for the Prickliest Pet (Wenzel: Twiggy)
Prize for Making Friends Easily (Grady: Simba & Bella)
Prize for Best Dressed Bunch (Croteau: Bella, Aisha, Sabri & Meeko)
Prize for Saying NO to Wearing Outfits (Croteau: Aeris)
Prize for Looking Most Like A Stuffy (Hills: Dodger)
Prize for the Fluffiest ( Dykema: Boomer)
Prize for Cuddliest (Slade: Roxy)
Prize for Sitting Pretty - Dog  (Kleinleugenmors: Fynn)
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