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Proud of TCS!

At TCS, we live and breath our mission statement! 

To prepare God's children for a life of learning and service in his world,
By the Grace of God, in the partnership with the Christian home and church,
we lead children to be the best they can be for God's glory.

The results of the Alberta Accountability Pillar Summary support our commitment.  Click here to view the Accountability Pillar Summary to see are results in each area.  Thank you to all of our parents, pastors, students and staff for making us proud.

  • learning and service 
    • work preparation 
    • citizenship  
  • partnership with the Christian home and church
    • parent involvement 
  • best they can be
    • safe and caring
    • program studies
    • education quality 
    • PAT acceptable 
    • PAT excellence 





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