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Volunteer of the Year Award 2022


Each year we like to recognize volunteers who go above and beyond volunteer service in and around our school.

We are very blessed at TCS with so many willing volunteers helping everywhere around the school. And we are very thankful this year that we could start welcoming back our volunteers.  Thank you to everyone! It was wonderful to see you back in the school again and enriching our community.


VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR goes to our wonderful school council who reenergized our council this year after two years of covid. Our school council was led by:

  • Stephanie Dyck as Chair
  • Sophie Kolterjahn as Vice Chair and 
  • Nicole Sharpe as Secretary    

They worked closely with our TCS admin and helped enhance our community spirit in so many ways. We are grateful for all they do.
* Staff appreciation treats and meals have been fantastic.
* Praying for our staff, students and families.
* Restarting our student banking program.
* Organizing and straightening lost and found items/area.
* Parent info nights.
* Even cleaning up garbage from the fences before our community “Breakfast for Lunch” event.

We appreciate them and their team of volunteers so much. They are a blessing. 


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