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What An Amazing First Day of School!



How blessed we are at TCS to have such a strong community of believers as we start a new year together!  Today was one very special day:





  • we saw so many smiles as the students (and the parents!) came into the school this morning
  • we had a full house at Chapel including so many of our new families
    • our Principal, Michelle Duimel introduced our theme of the year, Address the Mess.  Address the Mess is a continuation of last year's theme that puts our faith into action.  The fruits of the spirit equip us to address the mess.
    • Anthony Heirass, Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church and a TCS parent opened us in prayer.  
  • Cobs & Dogs was also a big success:
    • great weather again this year
    • so many of our TCS community and some of our alumni in attendance
    • great food served up by our Board Members and new Executive Director
    • and a little fun photo session with our TRINITY and TCS name 

We hope everyone enjoyed their first day of school and we look forward to a fantastic new year as we "Address the Mess!"

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